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Hosted Exchange 2010
starting at $51/mo

Small Business
Hosted Exchange 2010
starting at $170/mo

Medium Business
Hosted Exchange 2010
starting at $410/mo

Hosted Exchange 2010
starting at $785/mo

Hosted Exchange 2010
starting at $1,500/mo

Hosted Exchange 2010 - Hosted vs. In-House

Operations, Inc can setup your hosted Exchange 2010 in days, rather than in the weeks or months it may take to purchase equipment and hire technical personnel. We have servers ready to meet your hosting needs and engineers to get you up and running quickly.

Operations, Inc can save you up to 90% on I.T. Costs when you host Exchange 2010 with us.

ROI Comparative Cost of Hosted Exchange:
Hosted Exchange 2010 for 20 mailboxes
with5 ActiveSync and 5 BlackBerrys
YEAR 1 COST YEAR 2, 3, 4
  In-house Operations, Inc In-house Operations, Inc
Front-end server $2,000
Exchange 2010 server hardware $2,000      
Backup domain controller $2,000      
Exchange-2010 Server license $699      
Windows 2003 Server (incl. 5 licenses) $999      
Bandwidth $250   $250  
Anti-virus / Anti-spam / Firewall device $1,800      
TOTAL: $9,748 Included $250 Included
Exchange-2010 Server user licenses $1,340      
Windows 2003 Server user licenses $600      
Outlook 2007 user licenses ($129 each) $2,580      
Anti-virus $1,200   $1,200  
TOTAL: $5,720 Included $1,200 Included
Backup server $2,000      
Backup software $1,000      
TOTAL: $3,000 Included   Included
Microsoft Certified installation (40 hours) $4,000      
Microsoft Certified administrator and maintenance $20,000   $20,000  
Estimated support fees $1,000 $1,000  
TOTAL: $25,000 Included $21,000 Included
Administration time $5,000      
BlackBerry Enterprise Server $4,500 $55 /month $4,500 $55 /month
One-time setup fee ($50/device) $0 $250    
BlackBerry annual server support fees $500   $500  
BlackBerry annual client support fees $100   $100  
TOTAL: $10,100 $910 $5,100 $660
Administration time $5,040      
TOTAL: $5,040 Included   Included
Monthly mailbox charges   $320 $320
Monthly Wireless email charges   $55 $55
Setup fees   $250 -
TOTAL MONTHLY BILL   $375 /month   $375 /month
Total expenditure per year $58,608 $4,750 $27,550 $4,500
Total expenditure per year - *Prepay full year - $4,580 - $4,330
Savings per year with Operations, Inc $54,028
( Save 92.2%)
(Save 84.3%)

Benefits of hosting with Operations, Inc:
Operations, Inc hosted Exchange 2010 allows you to focus your time on the business not the IT. The time required to manage your own I.T. staff and application delivery infrastructure can be costly and divert resources from key objectives. With fully managed Exchange 2010 from Operations, Inc, the savings on time and money can be astounding.

In-house Solution Operations, Inc Hosted Solution
Unexpected Expenses - Thousands of immediate out-of-pocket expenses and unpredictable ongoing costs of management and upgrades. Predictable Costs - Save thousands on deployment. Ongoing costs are predefined and easy to budget Cost savings (see above simple ROI).
Time-consuming deployment with no dependable infrastructure and complex installation process Fast Deployment: Dedicated servers or shared plans available within 48 hours from our state-of-the-art SAS70 Type II Certified data center.
Staff/Training Budget - Costly new hiring and training of dedicated personnel. No IT Staff Needed - Lower cost of management and operations by using us as your IT staff, while you focus on business-strategic areas.
High Maintenance: Additional features such as web parts, templates and single sign-on are hard to deploy due to the lack of: technical expertise allocated budget resources. World Class Service: Turnkey solution available on-demand with competitive pricing.
Workers' productivity suffers dramatically if older version of SharePoint is still running in-house. Always the latest technology: Windows SharePoint Services top-level features significantly increase workers' productivity.
You own the hardware and software (apply depreciation).
You don't own the hardware.

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3 mailboxes
3 GB storage
Antivirus & spam
(by Postini)
50MB SharePoint

starting at

Small Business
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10 mailboxes
30 GB storage
Antivirus & spam
(by Postini)
50MB SharePoint

starting at

Medium Business
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25 mailboxes
75 GB storage
Antivirus & spam
(by Postini)
50MB SharePoint

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50 mailboxes
150 GB storage
Antivirus & spam
(by Postini)
50MB SharePoint

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100 mailboxes
300 GB storage
Antivirus & spam
(by Postini)
50MB SharePoint

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